Pray for the Children

The idea for Pray for the Children originated with a Chicago Police Commander in February of 1997. The Commander had a vision that people would converge on the streets in prayer, fellowship and unity to save the children. In May, just 90 days later, over 10,000 people stood on street comers on the west side of Chicago and prayed.

Building upon the Police Commander’s idea, a group from across the country came together in February of 1998 to create a Pray for the Children Committee and a Pray for the Children Weekend.

In 1998, a simple effort seeking spiritual guidance and intervention to save our children from the scourge of drugs and violence was born: Pray for the Children Weekend. The goal was to generate as many prayers as possible for children around the world.

Since its humble beginning, hundreds of thousands of brochures and prayer cards have circled the world and millions of prayers have been prayed for children. 

As the Pray for the Children committee brings their participation in this blessing to a close, we ask that you seek spiritual direction for ways to keep prayers for children flowing forth. There is a great need!

Thank you for supporting us these last 16 years.

The Pray for the Children Committee

Pray for the Children was under the umbrella of Educating Voices, Inc., a national organization founded to proactively support education and communication about the dangers of drugs and to share truthful, well-researched, and fact-checked information. Please visit the website at

Pray for the children to be drug-free and safe

Take a minute to pray


Darkness, in the form of drugs and violence, is stealing our children's innocence and their lives and we struggle with what to do. A small group of people committed to saving our children seek to offer hope. That hope is prayer. They believe that the power of prayer is unequaled. And, when many prayers are raised up for children, miracles happen and changes occur.